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  2017年4月1日,中共中央、国务院印发通知,我国将设立对标深圳经济特区和上海浦东新区的河北雄安新区(Xiongan New Area),作为又一经济引擎,推动京津冀协同发展。设立雄安新区是以习近平同志为核心的党中央作出的一项重大的历史性战略选择(the establishment of the Xiongan New Area is a major historic and strategic choice made by the Communist Party of China Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core),是国家大事(be of national significance)、千年大计(a strategy crucial for the millennium to come)。

  雄安新区位于北京市西南100公里处,位于京津冀地区核心腹地,由河北省保定市所辖雄县、容城、安新3县组成,区位优势明显(incomparable geographical advantages)、交通便捷、生态环境优良、资源丰富(immense resources),发展空间充裕(plenty of room for development)。设立雄安新区将有助于疏解北京非首都功能( non-essential capital city functions)、探索人口密集地区优化开发新模式(explore a new model of optimal development in densely populated areas)以及调整京津冀城市布局(restructure urban layout in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region)。雄安新区起步区面积约100平方公里,中期发展区面积约200平方公里,远期控制区面积约2000平方公里。





  雄安新区:Xiongan New Area

  起步区:Initial Development Zone

  启动区:“Boot” Pilot Area

  控制性规划:Master Plan

  承接非首都功能疏解:Transfer of non-essential capital city functions

  千年大计,国家大事:a millennium plan and a great national event

  雄安质量:“Xiongan Quality”

  主城区:downtown area

  坚持首要定位:hold primary position

  习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想:Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era

  坚持绿色优先:prioritize green development

  以人民为中心:put people first

  蓝绿交织,清新明亮,水城共融, 人与自然和谐共:Human and nature coexist harmoniously in the lake city featuring blue sky and verdant fields


  空间弹性:flexibility of space

  承接存量,吸引增量:taking on non-essential capital city functions from Beijing and attracting more projects to settle

  高起点规划,高标准建设,高质量发展:plans with high starting point, construction of high standards and development of high quality

  政府主导,市场运作:government-led and market-oriented operation

  分类分步,有序承接:make the transfer in an orderly and category-by-category manner

  公共服务设施配套:supporting facilities for public service

  中西合璧,以中为主,古今交融:combining Chinese and Western elements, with the Chinese as the core, while integrating ancient and modern styles


  城市组团:city clusters

  事业单位:public institutions

  北城,中苑,南淀:north city group, central city-lake transitional space and south lake area

  城淀共生共融:integration and co-existence of city and lake

  生态绿廊:ecological green corridor

  五片,三带,多中心:Five City Clusters, Three Belts and Multi-Centers

  产城融合:integration of industry and city

  职住均衡:balance between work and housing

  功能发展带:functional development belt

  功能节点:functional node

  15分钟生活圈:15-minute radius community life circle

  东西轴线:east-west axis

  相对集中,适度分散:relatively centralized, moderately distributed

  五位一体总体布局:“five-in-one” general layout

  京雄城际站点:Beijing-Xiongan intercity train station

  外围生态用地:ecological land in outer surrounding area

  绿廊:green corridor

  宜望淀,慎邻淀,禁入淀:keeping a distance away from the lake area, being cautious about building close to the lake area and forbidding construction in the lake area

  大溵古淀:Da Yin Ancient Lake

  控制线:regulatory line

  规划单元:planning unit

  第五立面:the fifth façade

  规划管控:plan control

  “创新岛”: “innovation island”

  滨水景观:waterfront landscape

  传统营城理念:traditional urban planning concept

  “金融岛”: “financial island”

  南阳遗址公园:Nanyang historic site park


  一方城,两轴线,五组团,十景苑,百花田,千年林,万顷波:one city, two axes, five city clusters, ten scenic gardens, fields of flowers, thousand-year forests and boundless waves

  南北轴线:north-south axis

  河岸空间:waterfront area

  临淀空间:lakeside area

  堤堰空间:dike area

  临淀慢行系统: lakeside traffic calming system

  城市天际线:urban skyline

  绿带:green belt

  城市界面管控:urban interface control

  城淀空间界面:city-lake interface

  城林空间界面:city-forest interface

  街道空间界面:street interface

  建筑群:architecture clusters

  建筑屋顶平坡结合:roofs of urban buildings in a combination of flat and pitched styles

  夜景照明:nightscape illumination

  建筑泛光:building illumination

  过度亮化:over illumination

  城市光污染:urban light pollution


  一环,一心,两轴, 多廊,绿网: one belt, one center, two axes,multiple corridors and green network

  绿化带:forest belt

  生态斑块:ecological site

  生态绿心:ecological green center

  特色景观节点:landscape node with distinct features

  两主六次:two main ecological corridors and six minor ecological corridors

  海绵城市:sponge city

  城市生态绿网:urban ecological green network

  城市绿地公园:urban green land parks

  综合公园:comprehensive parks

  社区公园:community parks

  专类公园:theme parks

  遗址公园:historic site parks

  生态公园:ecological parks

  带状公园:linear parks

  无障碍设计:barrier-free design

  郊野公园:countryside parks

  常绿落叶混交林:mixed forest of evergreen and deciduous plants

  林荫化率:forest shade coverage rate

  一核,两带,两片,四点:one core, two belts, two zones and four nodes

  生态单元:ecological unit

  草地斑块:grass patch area

  岸际植物:shore plants

  季节性湿生草甸:seasonal wet meadow

  水生湿生植物:the hydrophytes and phreatophytes


  以水定城,以水定人:setting up urban development and human activities based on the local water system and conditions

  防洪排涝:flood prevention and drainage

  上蓄,中疏,下排,适滞:storing water upstream, dredging water in the central area and draining water downstream with overall moderate retention of water

  分洪闸:flood diversion sluice

  流域:drainage basin

  蓄,疏,固,垫,架:water storage, water dredging, dike strengthening, protection pad and frame alongside dike

  生态堤防:ecological dike

  排水防涝系统:water drainage and waterlogging prevention system

  地表径流:direct runoff

  北截,中疏,南蓄,适排:cutting off water in the north, dredging water in the central area, storing water in the south and moderately draining water

  南水北调中线供应:Central Route of the South-North Water Transfer Project

  雄安干渠和调蓄水库:main canal and storage reservoir of Xiongan New Area

  森林斑块:forest site







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