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  Novel coronavirus infection is a very unusual year in the Spring Festival. But a new outbreak of pneumonia in a new coronavirus infection has swept the whole country in 2020, and it has touched the hearts of millions of people.


  The war on “epidemic” is a big test. In this resistance war without smoke of gunpowder, whether it is the “soldiers” in the front line or the masses of self-control, the whole country, the whole people’s Anti Japanese War, overcome the difficulties.


  People’s hearts move together. First of all, the strong power to win the prevention and control of the epidemic comes from the concerted efforts of hundreds of millions of people under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee. General secretary Xi Jinping novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work to make a series of important instructions, for our win the prevention and control of the war of resistance against disease provides a fundamental guide to follow and action.


  At present, the key to preventing and controlling epidemic situation is to achieve the same goal and the same direction. The key is to integrate the broad masses of cadres and masses’ thoughts into Comrade Xi Jinping’s important speech, the spirit of important instructions and the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee. Novel coronavirus is responsible for the prevention and control of the disease. In order to win the epidemic prevention and control, the leading group of the party and government responsible for the new coronavirus infection is set up by the Party Central Committee and the party organizations at all levels. The leading group of the new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia is unified leadership, unified command, and classified guidance to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.


  ”The vicissitudes of the sea show the nature of heroism.”. The more urgent and critical the situation is, the more severe the challenges and special circumstances are, the more we need to give full play to our organizational advantages and the more important the role of Party organizations and Party members. We must conscientiously study and implement the requirements put forward by Comrade Xi Jinping and the relevant documents issued by the CPC Central Committee to the party organizations at all levels and Party members and cadres at all levels. We must rely more firmly on the strength and strength of organizations to mobilize Party organizations at all levels and Party members and cadres to actively participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, and transform the party’s political advantages, organizational advantages and close ties with the advantages of the masses. Strong political advantages of epidemic prevention and control.


  In order to win the battle of prevention and control of epidemic, we must carry forward the great national spirit, mobilize all the positive factors contained in the masses of the people, and form a “national soldier” for prevention and control of epidemic and elimination of virus. The great national spirit nurtured, inherited and developed by the Chinese people in their long-term struggle has provided a strong spiritual impetus for coping with this major challenge. In the process of winning the Resistance War of epidemic prevention and control, the people of the whole country have been brave and determined to build a steel great wall to fight against the epidemic; they have made great efforts to love each other and help each other, forming a national chess game of joint prevention and control of all forces and emergency rescue of various resources.


  In the medical front, pathogens were identified in a very short time, and efforts were being made to strengthen the research and development of effective drugs and vaccines. Medical staff from all over the country rushed to Wuhan without hesitation. The military quickly launched the joint defense and control mechanism, and urgently selected elite troops to help Hubei Province and make new contributions to the motherland and the people; Workers fought day and night, and the construction of huoshenshan hospital and leishenshan hospital once again made people marvel at China’s speed; provinces, cities, counties, streets, towns, urban and rural communities established and improved protection networks, grass-roots communities implemented grid management, carpet type screening, and implemented prevention and control measures to households and people; Internet enterprises and relevant units and departments make full use of big data, cloud computing and other information technologies to study and judge the epidemic transmission law and influencing factors, so as to provide reference and evaluation for the launch of prevention and control measures


  Once again, the 1.4 billion Chinese people have interpreted the national feelings of difficulty and support from all sides, and have demonstrated the national character of being more difficult and forward. The promotion of this great national spirit is closely combined with the promotion of scientific spirit. In this interdiction war of epidemic prevention and control, we adhere to a scientific attitude, use scientific methods, be good at rational thinking in the face of severe and complex situations, and adhere to scientific and orderly prevention and control according to law. As long as we rely closely on the people, launch the people’s war of epidemic prevention and control, launch the overall war of epidemic prevention and control, fully mobilize the subjective initiative of the people, and work with one heart and one team, we will surely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.


  Mission in the heart, responsibility in the shoulder. With vigour and vitality too strong to break our wills unite like a fortress. The Dandong transportation and transportation personnel resolutely carry out the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions on epidemic prevention and control. According to the decision making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the careful arrangements of provinces and cities, the vigorous epidemic prevention and control campaign has been launched rapidly, and the cadres and masses have joined hands and become a city. The great wall of iron and steel, together with the people of the whole country, will surely win the final victory of this anti epidemic war. Come on, Wuhan, China will win!






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